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I Review My Quarterly IRA Statement. It has a few minus signs.

Well, I got my IRA quarterly statement in the mail and I’m wondering about a few things. Such as why the column entitled “Change in Account Value” has four different numbers, all with negative signs in front of them. That can’t be a good thing right? Does this mean I’m losing money? How am I supposed to retire if I’m losing money?! I went back onto www.ira.com, but I didn’t find it very helpful this time. Here’s one reason: this question in the commonly asked questions section sounds like something written by someone much more financially savvy than me.

Q. I have an IRA and a regular brokerage account. Can I sell the stock in my regular brokerage account and then immediately buy it in my IRA?

What??? This is getting complicated. (The answer was no, by the way) Anyway, here’s what my IRA statement looks like.

Five pages, lots of numbers, and a glossary of terms that explains that “Change in Account Value”  includes “all share price appreciation and depreciation.”  Hmm. I guess I got only depreciation. Which I don’t appreciate, honestly.

The glossary also provides a definition for additions, and one for withdrawals. Listen,  I could have figured that out for myself. Why don’t they explain the complicated stuff? Actually, I think they do, but it’s too boring to read.

I know I got another piece of mail about my IRA recently. It’s somewhere in this pile. Iwonder if it contains more details about those perplexing minus signs? I better see if I can find it.

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