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My Garden is Overwhelming Me,but I’ve Been Reading About Finance Anyway

To my great surprise I found the book Women and Money thought provoking–at least the first three chapters, anyway. I took some time out of my very busy schedule to read.

   But, just so you know, I’ve been losing the battle to keep up with my tomatoes as you can see here. Yesterday it rained so I didn’t pick any. I’m kind of afraid to go out there today.

Especially since my peach tree looks like this:

 I’m not sure you can tell from the photograph, but it is so filled with peaches that the branches are threatening to break. They aren’t ripe yet, but they will be and then I’ll have to start thinking up something to do with them too!

But, now, back to what I found interesting about Women and Money.  Well, as it turns out, Suze Orman makes some interesting points that pertain specifically to me. For example she states: “Your retirement money sits in cash because you haven’t figured out how to invest it properly so you do nothing.” Now, I do have an IRA, but I don’t understand it. And I do have a tendency to just ignore my money. Not that I ever overspend it. But I don’t invest it either. I feel like I shouldn’t even be admitting this. According to Orman, I’m not alone. “You berate yourself all the time for not knowing more and doing more…yet stay resigned to this feeling of helplessness and despair as time ticks away.”

  Helplessness and despair? Nah. I’m not really prone to those feelings. But I do berate myself for not knowing more, and then don’t bother to do much about it. And Orman believes that the shame women feel about not knowing more is often the very thing that holds them back. I believe that–after all, in an earlier blog I joked about the fact that I didn’t feel I could talk to a financial advisor about my IRA because I didn’t want him to know how little I understood it.

Orman argues that controlling your financial destiny is really important for controlling so many other aspects of your life, and women can’t really be fully secure or confident–or make good financial decisions–until they take that control.

One more interesting thing: she wrote about her own life (and maybe lots of people already know this but I didn’t).  After graduating from college she worked as a waitress earning $400/month until she was 29! It’s just possible Orman’s speaking my  language after all.

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