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Week 4: I Try Indian Food with Two Very Indian Restaurant Savvy Friends

When I mentioned in a recent blog that Indian food was something I’d never tried but would like to as part of this do-something-different-for-52-weeks challenge, two friends of mine quickly came up with a plan. Their plan? The three of us would go out for Indian Food! Great, right? Whoa, not so fast. First we had to come up with a date. If you’ve ever tried to schedule a night out that works for a group of busy moms, you know what we went through. We essentially introduced at least a dozen possible dates–all of which didn’t work for one or two of us. And just when it seemed like we had crossed off the entire month of February, someone mentioned last Wednesday, and, miraculously  (this really did seem like a miracle at the time) we could all make it.

I had never eaten Indian food before, except in college when  a friend made an Indian dish for us one time. I don’t remember much about that though.  So, really, I had no knowledge of Indian food. And the thing that sometimes prevents you from trying new things is simply fear of the unknown–you don’t know what to expect, you might not like it, etc.  So my friends, Anne and Barbara, were the perfect people to go with. For one thing, we’ve known each other for quite a long time, but we’ve never had a night out together (see first paragraph for reason).  For another, they both love Indian food, so they were wonderful tutors for me! And this is another thing I learned. If you are going to try something different, it’s much more enjoyable to do it with someone who has done it before.

They guided me through. Anne chose the restaurant– A Taste of India, in King of Prussia. Here’s what it looked like:  

We were the only people in the restaurant the entire night, so that s exactly what it looked like!

First we were served crispy bread (“Aren’t you going to write down the name for your blog?” Barbara asked while we were eating it. “Or are you just going to refer to it as crispy bread?” Yup, I’m just referring to it as crispy bread) with three dipping sauces. Not sure of the name of any of those, but each had their own unusual blend of flavors.  Two I wasn’t sure I liked very much, but I didn’t hate any of them, so my first impulse was just sort of hesitation.  Maybe I would like Indian food, maybe I wouldn’t.

Next, we ordered a vegetable platter appetizer. This included fritters, which surprised me. Anne knew the names of most of the vegetable appetizers we were served. Of them, I remember only the Samosa, which sounds to me like a Girl Scout cookie.  This was described on the menu as “a crispy pastry shell stuffed with potatoes and green peas.” It was very good. Overall, the entire vegetable platter was a very interesting mix of favors.  And, in fact, the entire evening I found myself realizing (in the brief pauses between our great conversations!) just how different and even experimental it felt to try these foods.

We also ordered the bread basket. This was almost my favorite part. I’m one of those people who loves good bread, and this was tender and soft and flavorful. Another great thing? We asked to take  home the leftovers, and we all got so much bread. Mine lasted for two days worth of lunches!

Ordering the entree was probably the hardest part. Fortunately, I was well advised. Barbara is a vegetarian, and Anne said she enjoyed Indian vegetarian dishes as well. So, I opted for the mattar paneer, desribed on the menu as: “Fresh garden peas cooked with deep fried homemade curd cheese,  nuts and creamy whiter sauce.” The sauce was not white, but perhaps it was whiter than something. Not sure. It was delicious though.  Here’s a picture:

I also loved this seed selection that were offered in place of mints at the end. Overall, I thought the food was interesting, unique and I would like to go back and try more. But as with my trip to the ballet, my absolute favorite thing about the whole experience was connecting with friends. It was a great night mostly because I had such great company. So best of all, they’ve both proven supportive of this blog and have offered to help me try more new things. Next on our agenda: rock climbing! But first, we have to find a date that works!

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  1. February 19, 2011 at 12:14 am

    Great post Laura! It was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to go rock climbing! Oh and that picture of your food looks REALLY Good!

  2. February 19, 2011 at 1:15 am

    Thanks Barbara. It was a very fun evening!

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