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Week 11: Go to the Beach!

The Beach!

It’s possible that the best way of all to wake up a week is to go to the beach with friends on a stormy April weekend. I went, the weekend before Easter, to Avalon with three friends for a girls’ weekend at the Golden Inn. The weather did not cooperate–it was cold wet and rainy all day on Saturday. It  hardly mattered. We had a great time. Here are some of the highlights.

1. It was All-Inclusive: This trip was organized by my friend Michelle who wanted to celebrate her birthday doing something special–originally we’d thought a short cruise, but eventually we decided on a Girl’s Weekend package that Michelle found by scouring the internet. There are many such packages available at vacation spots, and we changed our minds (mostly via email) a few times before settling on Avalon. The Girlfriends’ Getaway Weekend special  at the Golden Inn included breakfast and dinner for two days, choice of a spa treatment, and evening entertainment. For us, most importantly, it was by the beach.

Holly, Michelle and Sandy from the balcony of our room.

2. About our Friendship. As I mentioned earlier I went with three friends. My good friend, Sandy, her sister Michelle–who has been organizing an occasional girls’ night out for us for the past few years–and Michelle’s good friend Holly. While the four of us have gotten together for dinners and movies, we’ve never spent an entire weekend together. As it turned out, we all got along perfectly.

3. Dancing all Night. When I first started writing this blog, my intention was to try things that are out of my comfort zone. I’ve come to realize that my comfort zone is roughly the size of a linen closet. It’s pretty easy for me to find things that are outside it. Normally, dancing falls way outside the linen closet. But, you know, you’re with friends, you get a free drink, everyone else is dancing. Like many things that fall beyond the boundaries of the comfort zone, it was very fun.

4. Saturday was a Washout. What to do when you’re at the beach when it’s cold wet and rainy? Well, a spa treatment was included in our package. We all got manicures! None of us regularly get manicures, so we were pretty enchanted with this experience. My nails never looked so good.

5. Beach Shops. There’s a special pleasure to be had from discovering a cool beach shop and perusing the jewelry and trinkets. We found a great shop that sold antiques, fun jewelry and home decor.  We got lost in it for about an hour.

6. Pizza! Why is pizza always better at the Jersey Shore? We ordered a pizza and went back to our room–which overlooked the ocean–and ate it. It was delicious.

7.Board games. When I was little, board games were something you played when you were, well, bored. But as an adult, I’m always surprised by how much fun they can be. We spent part of the afternoon playing two board games, Quiddler and Loaded Questions. The latter was particularly revealing, with three people answering a question and one person guessing who the answers belong to. We learned this about ourselves: our secret talents include “licking oreos off my face,” singing in the shower and lacing shoes. It was very funny.

8. A major storm. We were glad we had an ocean front room, because the storm over the ocean was impressive, with flashes of lightning that illuminated the entire seascape so that we could see waves forming and spraying as they crashed down.

We never saw so many shells!

9. Shells Everywhere! On Sunday morning, the sun came out and we headed down to the beach, just to have a look. We were surprised to find a massive amount of shells. We each found large, perfect whelk shells, and spent at least an hour combing the beach until our arms were so full we couldn’t carry any more. Then, we checked out of our hotel and returned to the beach with bags to collect a few more!

Cape May

10. Cape May. We decided to spend Sunday visiting Cape May. Since we’d gotten in the mood for collecting, we headed straight to Sunset Beach to collect Cape May Diamonds. We were not disappointed, and again we spent quite a while finding the perfect stones. Then we went into the shopping area, which was quaint and fun, and we had a great lunch at a place called The Ugly Mug.

When we finally arrived home, it felt as though we’d spent a week away. We all knew each other better than when we’d started, and we all agreed that we want to do it again next year!

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