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Week 13: Visit St. Peters Village

A view of St. Peters Village

Last Sunday, for Mother’s Day, I had an idea that St. Peters Village, which is located only a few miles from my house, would be a great destination, and not a place most people would think to go for Mother’s Day. I was wrong about that Mother’s Day thing. There were plenty of people clambering around on the boulders. But it was a very fun destination.  Here are a few things you might want to know about my experience.

1. This isn’t New Hope:  St. Peters Village dates back to the early 1880s, if Wikipedia is to be believed. It was built along French Creek as both a granite quarrying village and a recreational retreat. Today, there’s not a lot there in terms of shopping or, well, in terms of anything. But there is a nice restaurant–the St. Peters Inn–as well as a great bakery, a wine store and a few other shops and businesses. So what’s the attraction? That I-just-stepped-into-1881 feeling you get when you walk down the street. Oh, and the boulders.

2. Very Victorian: There are maybe a dozen of so homes and shops

An antique shop hung quilts along the fence

that line the single street that is St. Peters Village. All are cute and Victorian and there’s a certain pleasure to be had in strolling past them, imagining what it must have been like here 100 years ago or so. What’s more, it doesn’t have a lavish, Disney-type feel. Instead, it’s very authentic. The houses are mostly small and charming,  painted in cute colors, but none are elaborate, except maybe the inn.

Ian sitting on a boulder

3. Boulders!: The real reason to visit St. Peters is the boulders. Giant rocks protrude from French Creek. It’s fun to climb around on them, as the water rushes by below. It’s also fun to watch people jump from rock to rock. There’s a swimming area and a few kids were wearing bathing suits, but the day we went no one was braving the cold water!

4. What not to wear: Even though St. Peter’s is near my house, it’s been years since I’ve visited. Maybe that’s why I forgot that you shouldn’t wear sandals with heels. Not very conducive to hopping about on boulders.

Lunch on the deck

5. St. Peters Bakery: We ate at St. Peters Bakery, which is located in the village’s former general store. Inside, this place defines quaint, with a few key elements that once were part of the store still in tact (a fireplace, a small window, maybe for a post office). Outside, there’s a deck overlooking French Creek. That’s where we ate.  I’ve never eaten there before, but we found it so scenic and so unique, it almost felt as though we had traveled to another country, and not just a few miles from home.

6. The food: We had sandwiches, which were fabulous. But next time I’m going for the desserts. They looked phenomenal! 

Pinball machines

7. The arcade: Oddly, one of the businesses that seems to survive well in this little village is an old-fashioned arcade, with lots of pinball machines. It’s only open on weekends. My son loved it!

8. The quarry. After you’ve climbed on the rocks and admired the town, it’s also interesting to walk through the parking lot across from St. Peters Inn, up a hill to look down on the quarry. Again, it’s very scenic.

9. The History: St. Peters is actually on the National Register of Historic Places. It has a pretty interesting history, both as an excursion town and a mining village, which you can read about here. I found it fascinating that a train once brought people to this little town. Also, that the bakery was once so popular people would travel from miles away to buy bread.

10. Worth the trip. This was definitely a great way to spend Mother’s Day, or any nice weekend day, really.  I hope to go back soon, without sandals with heels so I can spend more time climbing around on rocks!

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  1. Greg
    July 10, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    I have a question about the boulders there. Are there just rocks like that in a small area or is there a trail there worth hiking, say a few miles worth?

    • July 11, 2012 at 1:25 am

      Yes, there are quite a few trails. Definitely worth hiking.

  2. Julie
    July 22, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    Where is the best place to go swimming? We will be visiting at the end of July so I think it should be warm enough. I am hoping for more of a natural creek/river wading/swimming area as opposed to a roped off beach access area. Quarry-no, I’m afraid of heights

    • July 23, 2012 at 11:02 am

      There is a small area where people swim among the rocks. It’s not an official swimming area, but you’ll find it easily if you go there.

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