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Vacation in the Adirondaks

My parents own a cabin on a small lake in the Adirondacks near Lake George. Every year, I spend a week there with my entire family. Here are ten reasons why it’s great.

The cabin

1. Into the Woods: To get there you have to travel down several country roads to a dirt road in a thickly wooded area populated mostly (as far as I can tell) by deer. Not only do you leave behind the souvenir shops that clutter parts of the Lake George region, you also can forget about cell phone reception, for the most part. Usually, there are a minimum of 12 of us staying here for the week. No problem. With the entire Adirondack region in reach and a lake at our fingertips, we all spread out (0r stick together) and find lots to do.

The view from my kayak

2. Like go kayaking: Two years ago my brother-in-law bought two kayaks, and now it is a favorite activity for my kids and their cousins to go paddling around the lake. I like it too. It’s the perfect way to start your
day, sneaking out first thing in the morning, when the lake is like glass and most people are still sleeping. It’s absolutely silent, the only sound is the paddle hitting the water.

My daughter Juliet holding strawberries with her cousins and brother.

3. Strawberry Picking: Last year we picked blueberries, went back to the cabin and made four pies. This year, strawberries were in season. When we arrived at a pick-your-own field, the attendant told us the season was coming to a close, and we’d have to hunt to find good strawberries. Well, there were nine of us, so we had no trouble finding heaps of strawberries, as you can see in the photo on the left. They were sweeter than any strawberry you could buy in a store, and the entire field smelled wonderful.

4. Making strawberry jam: We quickly noticed that the strawberries had no shelf life, so we needed to either eat them or otherwise use them up very quickly. Making strawberry pies just didn’t seem like a good option, so instead we made jam. The recipe called for seven cups of sugar to four cups of strawberries!!! It tasted amazing! We made about 20 jars in two batches.

5. Biking: In my opinion, there’s no better way to see the world than from your bike. My sister and I headed out every day for a ride around the lake (5-6 miles). Then, one day, we traveled along a bike path into Lake George, sat for a while drinking iced coffee and enjoying each other’s company and the scenic views that are literally everywhere in the Lake George region. Another day, my brother-in-law–a serious cyclist who easily puts in 70 miles and comes back ready to refinish the deck–led  me on a ride to a place called Assembly Point where the houses were magnificent, and the views of the mountains from the shore of Lake George were stunning.

A view from the boat

6. The Lake our Cabin is on: Known as Hadlock Pond, it’s a man-made lake in a wooded area that was dammed up in the late 1800s. It measures a total of 4.6 miles of shoreline,  and it’s great for swimming, fishing, boating and just gazing out onto the beautiful blue water. My dad has a pontoon boat, and he often takes us out in the evening for rides around the lake.  I love doing this. You can see the Lake from so many different angles, and it’s also nice to see all the other houses, cabins and camps filled with people like us having fun in the water.

7. Fishing: Trying to catch the largest fish in the lake is a popular activity at our cabin. Mostly, we catch small sunnies. The lake is abundant with these, and the cove where our cabin sits seems to be their favorite hangout!

8. Cousins: My one complaint is that it’s hard to get the kids (the youngest two are 13) to leave the cabin and


have other Adirondack adventures. One day I recommended tubing, horseback riding, a local cave attraction. No go. They want to spend time together fishing, kayaking, swimming. They also paint rocks, do puzzles, and hunt for miniature frogs (there were thousands of them hiding among the rocks). My husband did arrange for a day long hike in the high peaks that my daughter braved, along with the men. And our dog Daisy.

9. Downtown Lake George: The one thing everyone agrees to is a nighttime trip to the Village of Lake George, which features boardwalk-like shops, attractions and crowds.  It just wouldn’t be a vacation for our family without a visit to the arcades where my son can win a whoopie cushion and my niece earned enough tickets to get mood changing lipstick. The adults understand that this is clearly a waste of money, but a good time to work on our competitive skee ball skills.

Jumping in!

10. Family, food, fun. Repeat. We are Italian, so part of the fun for us lies in making truly great dinners every night.  Although, at one point the oven refused to work and Juliet had to make her pie in a toaster oven–not the best baking scenario. However, for the most part we have so much fun being together, eating and spending time in the water that we hate to leave. Therefore, we decided to return for a second round in August! I can’t wait.

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  1. July 19, 2011 at 11:44 am

    I lived in upstate New York for a good chunk of my childhood and loved Lake George. It’s definitely one of the places I hope to take my kids for a summer vacation.

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