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Five Things I’ve Done Since My Last Blog

What with it being summer and my kids home from school and college and the garden producing a lot of vegetables I need to attend to, well, I haven’t kept up with my blog. But I have kept up with my challenge to try to do something different every week. So, for this blog I will give a brief synopsis of five things I’ve done but haven’t blogged about yet.

1. Made a bowl on a pottery wheel:  This sounds more impressive than it really was. But, a group of friends and I all bought a Groupon for a BYOB pottery class at Clayote in Boyertown. The instructor–a very nice woman named Danielle–gave us a quick lesson in working with clay, then guided us through the process of throwing the pot, centering it on the wheel and worked with us individually to form the bowl. This only took a few minutes, after which we spent quite a bit of time decorating our bowls and talking.  I did not really learn how to make a bowl on a wheel, but I spent a lot of the evening working with clay and watching what my friends did with their bowls. Overall, I felt that I learned something, while having a nice time with a group of friends. I would definitely like to go back and learn more.

2. Tried Thai Food:  This one also came to me thanks to Groupon, which offered a discount on a meal at a Thai restaraunt in Limerick, Thai Spice. Neither my son nor my husband were all that excited about trying this, but my daughters weren’t home so I talked them into it. We were initially puzzled by the menu options, having no idea what pad Thai even was. Apparently this happens a lot, because the waitress offered us photo albums with pictures of the food. Everything looked amazing, and, in fact, everything we tried actually was. We tried pad Thai, pineapple pad, a chicken appetizer that was marinated in a coconut mixture, and we even got the dessert sampler. We all loved everything we had, and agreed we would definitely go back.

Our raspberry-blueberry tart

3. Went extreme Raspberry picking. I’ve been sworn to secrecy on the location, but my neighbor discovered an extensive grove of wild raspberries growing along a roadside in Berks County several years ago. I know this because she bakes delicious dessert which she occasionally shares with me and she never has a shortage of raspberries. She divulged her location to my daughters, who got in the mood for raspberry picking one day last month,  and we headed to the spot. Thus we discovered what my daughter Juliet called Extreme Raspberry picking. The bushes were located on a very steep hill that formed a 90-degree angle with a road that had no shoulder and just enough traffic to make us all certain we were going to die picking these berries.  We didn’t die. We got lots of berries and went home and Juliet made a delicious raspberry tart.

4. Set Free 1,500 Ladybugs: Several years ago I planted wildflowers on the side of my house where nothing else seemed to grow. Some kind of tall,

Ladybug on a flower

yellow wildflower has since taken over that entire area, which measures probably four feet wide by 10 feet long. It  turns out that aphids love these flowers. I can’t even describe how many aphids were stacked along the three and four-foot high stems. Lots, okay. A little internet research led me to determine that the best way to defeat this was to unleash a swarm of lady bugs–the natural predators of the unsuspecting aphids. So I bought 1,500 for about $10 on Amazon. That’s a lot of ladybug for your buck. It took a surprisingly long time for them to arrive (0ver a week) and during that time many of the aphids died of extreme heat. However, the ladybugs survived the trip with few casualties. They were sluggish at first, climbing out of their container onto my son’s arm, so my daughter began placing them on plants. Over time they dispersed and spread themselves out more evenly. It was interesting to see them working their way up the stems and chomping away on the aphids. It’s hard to know how effective this was since a lot of the aphids had succumbed to the heat, but it had a certain entertainment value that made it worth doing no matter what.

A farm along my bike route

5. Went exploring on my bike: One of my favorite summer activities is  exploring the back roads of Chester County on my bike. I really like it when I can find new roads in beautiful areas that I’d never been on before. Recently, I took a ride on some side roads off Route 23. On a Sunday morning, I’ve found that you can ride for hours and hardly see a car on some of these roads. Whenever I do this I am spellbound by the scenery of the countryside that is literally only a few miles from where I live.

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