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Three more ways I’ve found to wake up a week

Tubes along the Hudson River

1. Go Tubing: I did this several weeks ago, when I was back up in the Adirondak’s with my family. I’ve been passing signs for tubing adventures in Lake Luzerne for years, and finally decided to try it. Acompanying me were my 13-year-old son, and my brother with his 13-year-old daughter. It was billed as a two-hour trip, but that actually included a bus ride to the tubing site near the headwaters of the Hudson River. The bus trip was pretty adventurous, taking us down a very narrow unpaved road through heavy woodlands. The scariest moment of the entire experience was when we passed another bus. The tubing itself was different than I’d expected. We were in a group of roughly 40 people, and we were accompanied by about five guides. The guides were in inflatable kayaks, and they used their oars to push wayward tubes back to the center of the river whenever anyone drifted too far to one side. I had to be pushed about a dozen times, which was somewhat unnerving. Overall, though, the river was beautiful and the experience was very fun. My favorite part was towards the end when we came to a rock and the guides invited us to jump off. Mostly the water was very shallow, but at that particular spot it was deep and cool and refreshing. We all agreed we would try the white water rafting trip offered by the same outfitters next year.

Saratoga Race Track

2. Go to a Horse Race: Also while up in the Adirondak’s I visited the Saratoga Race Track.  My husband and I had gone there a few years ago, but since we didn’t know what we were doing, we left quickly. This time, I was with my sister and her husband, and my parents, all of whom have been to the race track before and who understand terms like exacta and boxing a bet. It was all so complicated that at first I thought I’d never figure it out. Then, I realized winning money was possibly involved and I caught on remarkably quickly. I won 90 cents on the first race, and a similar amount on another race. Other than that, I lost the seven other races we bet on. Which was okay because I never bet more than the minimum of $2. I will add here that the people taking the bets were very patient and never seemed annoyed that I was pestering them with $2 bets. None of us won a lot of money, although some of my family members did a bit better than I did. Nevertheless, it was a very enjoyable day. The horses are incredibly sleek and beautiful (sadly, though, one did fall); the crowd is interesting to watch; and the activity itself, of trying to figure out which horse to bet on, was sort of like a math problem that engrossed us as a group and entertained us at the same time.

Duryea Day

3. Spend a few hours with Classic Cars: I’m so not a car person. I can hardly see the difference between a car show and a parking lot. But last weekend I felt we needed a family activity, so I suggested we all go to the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles Annual Duryea Day classic car show.  My husband and son agreed to come along very reluctantly. But, as it turns out, classic cars are fascinating. There were hundreds of vintage cars on display, ranging from some not very old, but quite unique sports cars, to a 1916 vehicle with a crank engine. Some of the souped up 50’s era cars were fun. Others were enormous. One Cadillac measured about 18-feet long, so it seemed like parking that could be a problem. The interiors were also interesting, particularly in the 30s and 40s era cars, many of which featured rumble seats and polished wooden dashboards and delicate seeming steering wheels. My son pointed out that even the tail lights were notably different than what is around today.   I’m still not a car person, but I was glad I went.

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