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Get Towed on a Tube!

 Tubing is a great activity for those times when you want a new adventure without learning a new skill or over-exerting your muscles. It’s fast, fun and all you have to do is hold on tight and go flying behind a fast-moving boat.

For years my parents have had a cabin on a small lake in the Adirondacks that has made for spectacular family vacations. But, while tubing is commonplace among other lake dwellers, it’s something our family only attempted one time before. My nephew, Matt, who was then about 10-years-old, was terrified by the experience, so we pulled him in, pulled the tube out of the water, and it’s sat in the shed ever since.  Matt is now 22, a recent graduate of RPI and newly hired by Boeing in South Carolina. Maybe because Matt was absent from the cabin this year, or maybe just because the teenagers were itching for something to do (but they never want to leave the lake!), my brother-in-law decided to dust off the tube and tie it onto my dad’s pontoon boat. He wound up having to substitute a new inner tube, since the old one was decrepid.

My niece Amy preparing to be towed!

The result? Instant fun! The three teenagers had a blast speeding around the lake and bouncing over the boat’s  wake. And we had fun watching until inevitably they fell off. Then, of course, they got the idea that my sister and I should try it. We’re not teenagers by a long stretch but, what the heck? We decided to try it. First we each did it individually, but the real fun was doing it in pairs. Trying to outlast your partner and screaming together as the waves from the wake threw us airborne.  Holding onto the rope took enough strength that my arms hurt for days afterward, so I think there was some physical benefit.  But the best benefit, of course, is the experience of speed, and fun and water in your face (sometimes too much water in your face!) and just being with family in a beautiful place. Bottom

Hey, doesn’t this look like some kind of JCrew ad?

line is, if you have a tube gathering dust and cobwebs in a shed somewhere, pull it out, hose it off and take it for a ride!

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